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Unfortunately, Christians are not immune from emotional pain, and some problems are too big to handle alone. During our more than fifteen-year history in ministry, we have helped people just like you walk through many of life’s most difficult situations, including:
        * Prolonged depression and hopelessness
        * Serious marital conflicts and dissatisfaction
        * Severe anxiety and acute stress
        * Unhealthy relationships and emotional abuse
        * Troubled adolescents and children
        * Out-of-control drinking and substance abuse
        * Compulsive sexual behavior and pornography
        * Devastating sexual and physical abuse
        * Toxic guilt or shame and spiritual abuse
        * Chronic anger and resentment
        * Debilitating grief and loss

NVC partners with two Christian Counseling agencies: This Too Shall Pass Christian Counseling Center as well as the Sagemont Church Counseling Center in Houston in referrals for individuals and families in crisis and/or in need of counseling. Pastor Yancy & Lady Kim also conduct pastoral, family, marital, and pre-marital counseling as well by appointment only. Contact our church office at 832.340.7170 or 832.340.0107.

This Too Shall Pass Christian Counseling
Phone: 281.995.5807  Lois Jones, owner & LMSW

NVC members are eligible to receive their initial counseling session at no cost. Subsequent appointments include a nominal fee through  This too Shall Pass Christian Counseling Center. Counseling clients who are not NVC members are charged a reasonable and customary fee. Mrs. Jones also sprearheads a Marriage Bootcamp 30 days intensive training for couples seeking to be renewed and refreshed in their marital relationship. Please call to make your confidential appointment today.
Sagemont Church Counseling Center
Houston, Texas
Phone: 281.481.7133